My boys. Always.

As predicted, this summer holiday has been so much better than last. We’ve had some lovely days out/time away and respite has allowed Twiglet and I to spend time doing some more adventurous outings. And of course it has helped that we weren’t being crushed under the weight of a new diagnosis.

The holiday ended with a week in a converted barn down in Warwickshire. There was a play area with Wendy house, footballs and ride-on toys. Boxes of toys to borrow and play with. Fields to either side with horses and cows. And so many great places to visit nearby with children, including Mary Arden’s Farm and Hatton Country World. I think Pudding was in seventh heaven with all these animals to meet!

Then I came down with a rotten cough and spent the last three days coughing for Britain and wishing I was at home. I’m still coughing a week later and found out that the camera malfunctioned so we don’t have any pictures from the first few days. Not the best end to a great few weeks.


So, today is a perfect day to receive this in the post. (Not the best photo – see earlier comment about stupid camera!) I first spoke to Melissa at Holmes-made about commissioning this piece before Christmas but didn’t get around to sorting out the details until months later. I wanted a bespoke papercut of my boys. Something to remind me that no matter what happens in the future, they will always be perfect and beautiful in my heart. MPS can steal so much from families, but it cannot steal that.

And what do I think of the first piece of artwork I have ever commissioned? Well, you can probably guess the answer to that one…

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