Some places are just special. Martin House Hospice is definitely one of those.

You feel it as you walk in. The welcome smile, the rainbow of pictures, the jars of cakes – it all feels like one big warm hug.

Of course we haven’t actually been there for a while. We were due for a visit at the end of March 2020, but then…well, I think you all know what happened. But Martin House has still been there for us. There have been parents’ meetings on Zoom complete with a delivery of cakes, activities sent through for siblings. And most importantly, there has been somebody at the end of the phone when Pudding has given us a worry (which he always seems to do on a weekend when it’s much harder to reach our normal hospital staff!)

Many charities have struggled over the past year and a half as normal fundraising events have been cancelled and donors have been faced with different priorities. So when my aunt let me have a beautiful quilt that she had sewn herself and asked me to use it to raise some funds, I knew exactly who I wanted to benefit.

This lovely purple hexagon quilt could be yours. To be in with a chance, follow the link below and donate at least £4.

I’ve chosen to do a ‘hundred square’ fundraiser, so everyone who donates has a fairly good chance! Well, better than a standard raffle anyway…

Just click- here – to make your donation and don’t forget to choose the option that will allow me to contact you or otherwise I won’t be able to let you know if you’ve won!