Feeling the love

I have many reasons to feel grateful despite MPS: the uncomplicated smile of delight on Pudding’s face when he sees someone he likes; his deep chuckle when something catches his fancy on TV; the love given to him by his older brother despite being hit frequently; occasional sunny days; trips out.

One thing I haven’t mentioned lately though is the many people who have shown us love and support over the last year. Family and friends have been wonderful. Even though I rarely ask for help (apart from Sister – I ask her ALL the time) I do appreciate that people have offered and looked after Twiglet when we’re off at appointments.

IMG_8884Then there’s all the fabulous fundraising that has been done for the MPS Society. A friend did a 10k recently. Hubby’s brother-in-law and niece are in the Great North Run soon. A team from Hubby’s work have entered a soap-box challenge. Even Niece has started making pom-pom animals and wants to sell them to raise money.

Whether it’s small amounts or large, I appreciate them all. This is money that can be used to keep someone on the end of the phone line to support newly diagnosed families and help them through the minefields of form-filling, money that can be put towards finding new treatments and possibly cures for MPS.

So thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

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