I was in a foul mood yesterday. All day.

I was grumpy and resentful with Hubby. Shouted at T when he behaved like the 7-yr-old he is. And yes, I lost my patience with Pudding when he started throwing things again.

I nursed my grievances and stoked them until late afternoon. And the last straw was T refusing to shake my hand after a game of chess which HE won. Doors were slammed and I retired to the kitchen to sulk while making dinner. Ridiculous I know, and I’m not proud of myself.

Pudding in a stripey black and white top looking directly at camera, unsmiling.Ten minutes later and there’s the thud of little feet as Pudding leaves the TV to come and see if there’s any spare food available. He looked up at me with his open face and permanently questioning eyebrows and all that anger just melted away.

I knelt down and gave him a hug, his solid little body leaning into mine as he asked ‘Ere?’ (meaning ‘where’s the food?’). He smiled and tolerated my cuddle and kisses, accepting them as his due. In that moment I understood why T always runs to Pudding for comfort when he is upset. In Pudding’s world all difficulties are over in an instant. He cannot hold a grudge. Cuddles are whole-hearted and given without prejudice (though of course, he’s just as likely to give you a whack instead). He will never answer back.

Sometimes I would love to swap places with him, and leave behind all the complicated messy details of life. Eat food, watch TV and love life. Approach the world as if everyone in it will accept you just how you are. Smile. Spread joy.

I’m not very good at those things yet, my sweet boy, but I’m trying. I’ll keep trying.

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