Clearing out

Ah, the post-Christmas clear out!

Finding space for all those new toys often means a ruthless look at the old ones and the filling up of various charity bags. Added to that, moving Pudding into his own room has given the perfect opportunity for some reorganisation and de-cluttering.

Reaching under T’s bed to pull out what was stored under there I nearly choked on a few year’s worth of dust. (Think I might have mentioned my lacksadaisical approach to cleaning before?) I hauled out the musical instruments to put on Pudding’s shelves. The kitchen play sets would still get plenty of use. Building blocks and dressing up fitted nicely under Pudding’s bed.

IMG_7296And then I stopped, confronted by two boxes of jigsaws and  first readers’ books. T grew out of them a while back, so a few years ago I packed them ready to pull out when they were needed again. There they have stayed. I’ve come across them lurking there since and pushed them back again knowing that their time was still not here.

I wonder now whether their time WILL ever come. Will he ever be able to do a 50 piece jigsaw or learn to read? I don’t know.

The brain is a wonderful thing. People with significant brain injuries can learn to walk again, or talk, or any number of amazing achievements. Yet there are individuals who are fully functioning in all other respects but never learn to recognise faces. I found the neuroscience module I did during my degree absolutely fascinating, but if there’s one thing I learnt it’s that there is so much we don’t understand. Perhaps this treatment will clear his brain of waste products. Perhaps he will learn and progress more. But perhaps he won’t. It may be that he will always remain a two or three year old cognitively. I can look at others with the same condition who are also on the trial but I just don’t know.

I’ve lent some books and jigsaws to friends who can make better use of them and I’d love to get rid of the lot. But I won’t. Because that would be giving in and limiting our expectations of Pudding. He’s surprised me with so many things already, so I have to hope that he will again. And if he doesn’t? Well, I never really liked Biff, Chip and Kipper anyway…

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