Happy New Year

Christmas is over for another year.

With a change to normal routine, festive food and many opportunities for sensory overload, I know many families with disabled or additional needs children can find the period a struggle. But for me, unlike other holidays, Christmas means lots of other adults around to help take on ‘Pudding duty’.

Just before Christmas we had a lovely holiday with my extended family in Center Parcs. We didn’t book any particular activities for Pudding – the only one he would have liked would have been football. The sessions for his age-group were a bit beyond him, and if we’d booked him on the younger session his hard accurate kicks could knock the tiny two year olds down like skittles.

He had not been in a swimming pool for 18 months and it wasn’t a huge success then, so I was a bit unsure what he’d be like this time. He loved it! Straight into the water and happily throwing his ball to anyone nearby. And the other thing he loved was our family photo session where we played to the camera beautifully.

img_6993Christmas itself was much quieter. Was he excited about presents? Well, not so much. Breakfast was far more important in his book. But he definitely enjoyed playing with new toys once they were open. And he gave the rest of us a great Christmas present too – an afternoon nap, which is happening less and less these days. This meant we all had time to play Twiglet’s new board game, impossible when a little whirlwind is around to grab pieces and knock the board over.

So now is traditionally time to look onwards to the next year and wonder what it will bring. Politics aside, I find I can welcome 2017 in with a bright heart.

Yes, it will bring down days and medical stuff, including another general anesthetic in less than two weeks. But it will also bring more progress (we hope) in Pudding’s skills, more new friends, more laughter, more love and light.

Here’s wishing you all oodles of the good stuff in 2017 and the strength to deal with any of the bad stuff that comes your way.

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