Drayton Manor

So so tired today, but it was in a VERY good cause. Namely enjoying ourselves all weekend at Drayton Manor theme park.

The weekend was organised by the MPS IMG_8518Society so we were surrounded by other member families.

It was of course great fun to try out the rides with the boys and eat too much rubbish for a few days, but when I asked Twiglet to guess what my favourite part was, he astutely said ‘spending lots of time with your friends’.

The deal that had been organised was superb value (two nights accommodation and two days pass to the theme park) but the chance to relax and chat with other parents was priceless. No need to let them know how treatment is going, or explain any medical terms.  Age, background, education – all irrelevant when faced with the fellow feeling that comes when talking to another MPS parent.

IMG_8491On the Friday night, there was entertainment laid on for the children – bubble machine, character meet-and-greets, party games, boxes full of Haribo. Needless to say, they were happy as larry, and as a parent it was great to watch knowing that any typical MPS II behaviour would be understood.

Twiglet made firm friends with the brother of another little boy on Pudding’s trial and they leapt all over the dance floor, racing cars and ‘being weird’ together. It’s doubtful that either of them were consciously aware of the bond that being an MPS sibling can bring, but maybe it played a part.

Hubby and I each had an evening down in the bar with the other dads and mums respectively, and in my case I can certainly say that gossip and laughter is a wonderful medicine. Though I may need to apologise to anyone whose room was overlooking our table – we may have been a tad loud. Particularly when we all waved enthusiastically at a man looking out of his window thinking it was one of the husbands.

The sun shone all weekend and neither the IMG_8528wasps nor the queues were as bad as Legoland. Pudding’s smiles when on some of the simple rides in Thomas Land were a joy to see, and there was another proud moment when he learnt to sign ‘train’. I also very much enjoyed taking Twiglet on some of the more adventurous ones when Pudding was back at the hotel having a nap. Lastly, over the weekend I found out that I have a part in another Shakespeare production.

So today life is good. Despite tiredness, despite bickering children and despite scraping the car’s paintwork on our gatepost. Life can be very good!

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