IMG_8111Once upon a time in a place not so far from here, a little boy was bursting with excitement. He had just met a real live author and now had a shiny new copy of a book signed by this famous man. His parents told him to look after the book as it was special, so he did. He read it carefully, marvelling at all the delumptious words, then he put it away on his bookshelf.

Years later, and that boy had grown into a man. He got married and had two boys of his own. As the eldest son grew and developed a love of stories, the man got down his book from the shelf and they started to read it together. Until this strange new invention called the interweb told the man that the book could be worth some money. The book was returned to the shelf and a less whoopsey-splunkers paperback was purchased.

Then the man’s second son was diagnosed with a rotsome genetic disorder. They got through the next year somehow. One day, the man suggested to his wife that they sell the book to raise funds for the people who help his son, and his wife said it was a scrumdiddlyumptious idea.

After all, what’s the point of holding onto a book – however precious or important? Family is what really counts.

So, I’m becoming an expert on the condition of old books. Is it a first edition? Yes. Is it a first printing? Ooh, yes. Is that foxing or tanning on the upper edge? Bit of both. Any marks on the pages? A spot on the signed page and one on page 26. The level of detail that’s needed is remarkable….

We’ve received an offer from one bookseller already, but can we do better? I don’t know – watch this space. (Proceeds going to the MPS Society. More detailed photos available to interested parties – comment or message me for details!)

In the meantime, Twiglet is really looking forward to the film coming out. Are you?

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