MPS Awareness Day

The day finally arrived and we all did well Wearing It Blue – even Hubby who stayed at home all day and didn’t see anyone.

The blue hair dye was somewhat unimpressive. I had hoped that it would take well on my white hairs (of which there are almost more than the dark ones these days) but I’ve basically ended up looking a little blue-tinged, rather than electric blue. But sparkly blue nails (thank you, Sister!) made up for it.

I’ve loved seeing all the pictures on-line of friends, family and other MPS families wearing blue (or purple); coming together to show their support. Thank you, every single one of you!

Pudding sitting in a bucket swing holding a ball.

It seems appropriate that on MPS Awareness Day itself, Pudding has just had the best time being completely unaware of it all: running around with his brother and cousins, feeding his sandwich to the ducks, playing ball, running in the wrong direction and saying hello to strangers’ dogs. This is what life is all about.


Oh, and I even had a blue ice-cream. When I saw ‘Blue Banana Blitz’ was one of the flavours on offer, I just had to!


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