A request

I’ve realised the major problem with blogging as an introvert is that it’s easy enough to write the posts, but I’m absolutely hopeless at promoting them.

When Pudding was first diagnosed, I searched the internet night after night, and in the early mornings when I found it impossible to sleep. I was desperate to find information on what I was facing; not just medical information, but what it was actually like for families navigating their way through this situation. I did find some US blogs, but these had less relevance for me – the cultural background and healthcare system being so very different from our own here in the UK.

I was writing anyway, pouring out my emotions onto the computer in an effort to survive this rip-tide. Anger, devastation, grief, guilt, concern for my own future, more guilt about my selfishness…

Gradually I came to realise that I was writing just what I wanted to read myself. What if I could give this to someone else just newly diagnosed? Perhaps they too would be trawling the internet, desperate to find someone to tell them what they were feeling was normal. Perhaps they could find a blog that could give them a bit of comfort. Perhaps that blog could be written by me? And A Hunter’s Life was born.

It became a way to keep friends and family up-to-date with our latest news without having to hold back the tears if they asked a direct question. But also, more and more, I have wanted to raise awareness of Hunter Syndrome and MPS. With a rare disease, the more knowledge there is out there, the more likely a diagnosis can be made before too long.

So…with that in mind, please could you vote for me in the Mum and Dad blog awards?Nominations close on the 8th April. Only those with a decent number of nominations will get through, and I know there aren’t many of you reading this, but nothing ventured, nothing gained! I’ve been going for less than a year, so Best New Blog seems like the most appropriate, and you could also spread the love by nominating any other UK blogs that you read and love.

Thank you!

Tots 100 Awards

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