Jumping for joy

Well, not quite, but something did make me very happy today.

I’ve found it difficult staying sane this last week. Being pretty much house-bound with two boys coughing through the night and whingey during the day is not designed to show me at my best. I freely admit, sometimes I think I am not cut out to be a mother. The image of a woman who tirelessly gets up in the middle of the night and is still smiling and patient through the day? Well…if she exists, it ain’t in this house.

Twiglet is mostly better. At least it’s just a cough hanging on now rather than a temperature, and is back at school. Pudding was off playgroup again yesterday but I decided he was ok for gym club today.

Yesterday I’d been very productive and while he was settled in front of the TV, managed to sort out all the piles of cardboard boxes that were threatening to take over the shed. So today’s job was to take them to the tip on the way to gym. That meant having Pudding’s car seat in the front as the back seat/boot were full of junk. I thought he’d be happy and excited to be there for this short drive. He was. Until he decided that what he really wanted to do was pull on the gearstick.

Not quite sure why I didn’t realise this would happen. Needless to say, he doesn’t deal very well with the word, ‘No!’ even when it is screamed at him while driving round a roundabout. It was not a fun trip. And he was still crying when we got to gym club, particularly as we were five minutes early so had to sit at the side and wait for our turn.

As soon as he was released he ran straight for the foam pit and bent his knees, arms back, looking like he was about to do a standing jump. Normally this is followed by him standing up, sticking one leg out in front of him and leaning forward, rather like a cartoon character walking off the edge of a cliff. Falling, with style. But this time he actually did it: an honest-to-goodness, two feet off the floor at the same time, full-on proper jump!

I was over the moon. I may possibly even have whooped (just a little one, I am English, after all)! I may not be a perfect mum, but my children can make me perfectly happy every so often…

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