I frequently struggle to articulate what Pudding is really like. How can  I describe such a gorgeous little lump adequately? So today’s post is a little bit different. I’ve let some other people describe him:

Twiglet (nearly 6) says,
He is very friendly and cute. He’s not like everyone else’s little brother because he’s got Hunters, and the Hunters makes him hit a lot. That makes me feel sad. He gives big cuddles a lot. He likes bananas.

Nephew (7) says,

Danny likes watching TV and eating. He has got Hunters so he’s different from other children. He acts like a baby but he’s a toddler. I like him because he’s cute.

Niece (9) says,

He’s fun, cute and lively. Whenever you’re sad he always puts a smile on your face. He loves food. He loves telly. He likes playing football in the garden. He does funny things like calling everyone Dave. In the future I think he’ll be just the same as he is now, only older and not quite as cute. When my Dad picks me up I like it because Pudding always gives him something random from around the room. I sometimes worry that his new medicine will stop him being like Pudding.

(I asked them all what they thought of Pudding at separate times so they didn’t hear or copy each other’s reply. I love that they all independently used the word ‘cute’!)



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