It was Pudding’s birthday this week, and I’ve been surprised by some of the emotions it has thrown at me.

IMG_7090Facebook of course delivers memories to me of previous years and previous birthdays. I look back at them and wonder how this can be the same family; they have never heard of MPS or Hunters, not had weekly infusions or sat anxiously through another surgery. I looked at a photo taken of him at only a few hours old and simply could not comprehend that this was the same boy who has given us love and worry in equal measures.

For many MPS parents, I know birthdays and other events must be even more bittersweet; they can look back at previous years and remember ‘Back then, he could still walk/swallow/say ‘I love you’.

I at least have so much to be grateful for: we can still see progress rather than regression.

A year ago when Pudding had just turned 3, we had only just started appointments with Speech and Language. His understanding of even the simplest one stage commands was exceedingly hit and miss, whereas now I can ask him to do basic tasks, such as ‘get your shoes’, without having to repeat and repeat and use gestures. (Whether he chooses to do something is, of course, a different matter!)

Last year, he would mainly play on a very physical and sensory level. Now he still very much enjoys crashing his cars off the windowsill, or flinging objects at us very hard. Yet when I unwrapped (yes, we haven’t quite got that concept yet) one of his presents to find a remote control car, he immediately sat down on the floor with it and tried to work the buttons, looking between the controller and the car. He knew what it was meant to do!

He has come so far in a year, despite all the gunk clogging up his poor brain. Not as far as many other children will have done in the same time, but I am so proud of my little boy.

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