Questions, questions

‘My child was sick last night.’ Not an earth-shattering statement in the grand scheme of things.

You keep an eye on them for the rest of the day, don’t send them to school, ask how they’re feeling now, and know that it will probably pass quickly.

But when the child in question is mostly non-verbal, it’s not always that easy. He can’t tell me how he feels. He doesn’t know whether he’ll be sick again. He wants food anyway.

When the child in question has had an operation 4 days ago, I’m asking myself is it taking longer for him to shake off the general anaesthetic this time? Is he still whinging because his tummy is upset or is it something else? Is it a headache, or does it hurt where the scars are healing?

Should I cancel his ERT this week?

Am I obsessing too much? Why do I worry all the time?

Did I really do the right thing putting him through an operation like that?

Or is it just a simple tummy bug and will pass quickly?

Questions, questions.

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