I’ve always loved Christmas. A time to enjoy family along with good food, games and laughter, and of course, presents – giving and receiving.

This year, it was particularly appreciated. We certainly needed that break from the weekly grind of treatments and bad news. We shared Christmas with my sister again (which meant that we brought a few things over to their house where they hosted and did everything else) and my parents came down too. Pudding duty was therefore shared out among more adults (and niece and nephew) and we could relax a little more than usual.

HulaAnd what did he make of it? Not sure! He loved joining in the ritual of handing out the presents from under the tree. Though if he’d been solely responsible, there would have been some very confused recipients. He wasn’t too bothered about opening presents himself, but was very taken some of them  – greatest hits were a whistle in the shape of a train, Mr Tumble’s spotty bag, and a giant gift bag that he could climb into. But his favourite thing by far was having everyone around; to cuddle, to chase, to play hide and seek with and show off to.

Family is a big thing for Pudding too – something I’m glad I share with my son.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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