No news

Still no news, but we’ll hopefully get the results of his DQ tomorrow.

Yesterday, we had the consent discussion in the morning and signed the 30 page document. Then after Pudding had his lunch they tried to get some bloods from his port, but were unsuccessful two times running. We were in a little treatment room, and he was obviously getting a bit distressed. So I suggested (though slightly gritted teeth at this point) that when the doctor tried, it should be on the ward with Pudding able to watch TV. This worked fine, but by that point it was getting closer to 3pm and his DQ assessment. We were desperate for him to have a nap so that he would perform better, so hubby took him out in the buggy while I went through the medical history with the doctor. Didn’t work, so by 3pm we were pretty stressed. No nap = not a very co-operative boy.

True to form, he wouldn’t stay at the table to focus on the tasks. Once the assessor had the bright idea of strapping him into his buggy, however, things went a lot better. The tests involved things like naming objects, matching things that go together and so on. He got all the things correct that I would expect him to, and even impressed me with some that I didn’t think he would do. So I think it was a good representation of his abilities, and I won’t be left thinking, ‘If only he’d had a sleep…’

I have spoken to the research team today to sort out some of the details for next week – MRI scan and lumbar puncture – should he get through. But it all rests on these results.

Waiting. Waiting…

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