I find it so hard to describe what Pudding is really like. Sometimes I think of it like having a young toddler in the house, only more so. It can be difficult to get anything done when he’s around and he is very good at hitting his brother and throwing things, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Here are a few snapshots from Pudding-land to give you an idea:

We are playing ball together; Pudding giggling with excitement and thundering after it, before flinging it wildly at my head. (It’s the soft one – I’m not stupid!) He thunders past his table and stops. ‘Oo!’ The ball is forgotten as he starts turning the pages of a book there.

I pick Pudding up from pre-school on Monday afternoon. His key-worker says with feeling, ‘Good luck when putting your own Christmas tree up!’

He brings me a First Words picture book and we snuggle on the sofa to look at it together. We get to the page with pictures of food, and he clambers down to patter into the kitchen. He looks at me plaintively, saying and making the sign, ‘Eat!’ It’s only half an hour since breakfast.

He is asking for the TV to be on. ‘Ee Bee!’ I distract him with a chasing game and he runs off shrieking. 30 seconds later he taps me on the back (well, more of a slap really). ‘Ee Bee!’

I corner him by the door to get his wellies on, and lean in for a sneaky kiss on his cheek. As I wiggle his foot into the boot, he bends forward to touch his lips against my forehead and blows gently. Love his kisses!

I’m trying to hang the washing up to dry. Pudding helps by flinging it across the room. I show him how to put something on the radiator and does the next one for me, then ends up wearing Daddy’s pants on his head while doing a little dance. ‘Ta da!’

We’ve just got in to the house. He spots an unlocked cupboard and pulls out a plastic biscuit cutter and runs off with it. Two seconds later, he’s back, tapping me and saying ‘Where?’. He grabs me by the hand and pulls me to the bathroom where he points to the toilet with the cutter floating in it.  At least he hasn’t reached in to pull it out himself this time!

We’re upstairs during the morning countdown to school run. I’m in my underwear. He climbs into our bed and pulls the covers up. ‘Mummy!’ I look round. He stares back with his big eyes, and pats the pillow next to him. I give in, lie down next to him and get rewarded with the biggest grin. School run can wait for another few minutes. …

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