Of course it’s a horrible cliche that love conquers all. I’m not sure I’d agree with that, but I certainly know that love has done so much for me in the last few months, and particularly this week.

Love comes in Makaton lessons that help a grandmother communicate with her youngest grandchild.

IMG_6521Love comes in a bunch of yellow roses, as beautiful and sunny as Pudding himself.

Love comes in an acre of chocolates sent to save this committed vegetarian from a bacon sandwich.

Love comes from another mother on the playground who held my hand while I struggled not to cry in front of the children.

Love comes in a list of DIY jobs done by a friend despite running a marathon the day before.

Love comes from friends who share my fundraising page with others, and their friends who donate despite never having met me.

Love comes from my dear husband who, despite being shell-shocked himself, can make the world seem simpler and better with just a few sentences.

Love comes from a big brother who wants Pudding to go to his school so he can still see him during the day.

And love comes in a little boy who takes such joy in dancing and singing round the living room trailing a streamer of loo paper he has just filched from the bathroom. A boy who can make us smile and laugh even now.

5 thoughts on “Love

  1. Pam Mitcham

    I always want to write a comment but unlike you, who can express yourself so movingly on paper, my efforts would seem so clumsy and not say what I really mean. But I’m with you all the way. Love M x


  2. Richard

    I’d like to add that with love comes respect – respect for a family that can find it in themselves to share their hardships for the benefit of others in their hour of need. Whatever else Puddings life will bring to the world, this is a precious gift.


  3. You are a beautiful writer- take the compliment. ..
    I’ve just had a message from you on Ethans facebook page: It’s Me Ethan

    You are not alone and yes love is a wonderful thing and can pull you through an awful lot.

    You are doing ok mom… you are doing ok…

    there is no manual. .. love is probably the closest thing to a manual that you’ll ever need.

    I’m sorry you’re walking a path parallel to mine but I am glad to have heard from you…

    Thinking of you all …

    Much love and support – Ger, Dave,Ethan, Jack and baby Daniel — your new friends all the way in Galway xxxx


  4. pat

    would a ketogenic diet help with your son’s condition, also read that MSM and DMSO can make cell walls more permeable so toxins can move out of and nutrients move into the cells more easily


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