Different perspectives

Another Manchester day, but this time, it’s Pudding’s operation so we’re setting off even earlier today. Which of course means, I’m awake way before the alarm.

I’m nervous about today, but not so much about the op itself. He’s having the portacath put in, grommets in his ears, and tonsils and adenoids mostly removed to increase space in his airways. I know they are all fairly standard procedures, and although the airways can be awkward in MPS he’s having it done in the best place. (OK, I know I won’t be so calm while he’s actually under). But what I’m definitely not looking forward to is not being able to feed him beforehand.

I’m trying to remember a conversation we had with Twiglet last night while getting ready for their bath. He said something about the future, implying a time when his brother is better. Hubby explained that Pudding will always have Hunters.

‘What? He’ll always have Hunters?’ replied Twiglet.


‘For ever?’


‘Until he’s dead?’



‘Why’s that?’

‘Because then he’ll always be cute!’

I guess, Twiglet has a slightly different perspective on this condition than we do. But hey, it’s still a valid one! Of course, when he’s just been whacked with a spoon or toy car he doesn’t always feel the same.

Other positives from the last week – we’ve got the DLA now (higher rate care because there are night time issues too, but not mobility) only a couple of weeks after applying – this will really help with all the petrol, hospital parking, etc. And Pudding surprised and impressed me by sorting 16 counters into red and yellow. Twice!

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