Legoland and more support

Weeks are disappearing so quickly at the moment. This week it’s certainly because of our trip to Legoland! Yay for the MPS Society! Ok, so Pudding probably would have been just as happy with a few people in a field playing football, but Twiglet was mega-excited. Right from the entrance, he was buzzing every time he saw a Lego model. Of course, he wanted to go on rides as well, but was also dead keen on looking round Miniland or the Star Wars exhibition.

The day nearly started in disaster when we got a flat on the buggy – the thought of carrying Pudding around the whole day was more than a little depressing (he’s over 3.5 stone), but at Legoland they have cart/buggy things to hire, and it even had a steering wheel so he was happy with that. And the ride access pass (for those who don’t understand the concept of queueing and would find it difficult – definitely describes our boy) made things a lot easier.

legoland2Pudding’s favourite was the Dino Safari ride. Just a simple ride taking you round some Lego models of dinosaurs  – he looked so happy and excited – but absolutely hated getting off it again. I also loved watching him during the action-packed Pirate show we saw. At one point, when the pirates were all accusing each other of doing something, he joined in to shout ‘You!’. Bless his cottons!

They both also drank loads of sugary drinks from the refill bottles bought by the Society (meaning that the next day, for the first time since ERT started Pudding did 3 fairly loose poos – otherwise nappies have been so much more pleasant and less frequent!) and ate rubbish. Pudding didn’t nap all day, so crashed as soon as we got to the car at 5.20. I didn’t much enjoy the long drive home (got back at 10.45) but I’m glad we went.

He’s continuing to develop his language and signing, impressing Niece and I. And of course, he’s still winning over all the nurses in Manchester. We’re also getting more support. Our portage lady has put in the request for a respite assessment; the physio in Manchester will send us through to the local place for a wheelchair/buggy that would suit his size better; and our contact at The MPS Society has helped to put together the horrible DLA form and checks how we’re doing every so often. Please God, the Tories don’t pull apart the NHS altogether…

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